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Some say the internet makes you stupid. I say the internet only makes the stupid that much moreso.

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I seriously can't get myself up to do much of anything other than work at my job just to pay my bills which have been skewed in their payment timing and who pays what amounts.

My budget is a mess because paydays at home alternate, so between me and my brother, money comes in once a week, and we NEVER have enough to stabilize the bills back to where we each pay half and still have the ability to buy food.

He keeps on dragging people in to freeload off of our living room amenities, so I don't even get to play on my game consoles anymore. It's MY FUCKING HOUSE, and he's the one doing this crap WITHOUT ASKING me.

I just found out that I forgot to pay my internet bill last month, so now I have two payments to worry about in one freaking bill. I hate winter so damn much. If it weren't for my gas bill, the house budget wouldn't have been so horribly derailed.

I don't make enough money to enjoy having money. I'm too poor and untalented at EVERY GODDAMNED THING ON THIS FUCKING PLANET to even be able to do more than have a loser's part-time FUCKING ASS BULLCRAP job. I can't be worth something to anyone, not even me, at this rate.

I don't know what, aside of negative whining about how worthless I am, that I'm actually good at. I'm just like every other loser that's on this site. I said every other loser, not like all the awesome people doing stuff here that I'm jealous of and can never be like.

I want a better life so goddamned bad...

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